Legend Brands sponsored one of this year’s “Outstanding Cleaning Worker Awards,” granted by the Simon Institute.  

This year’s award recipient is Melody Hartford, the (OS1) Certified Trainer for the DEA and FBI Training Academies operated by Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Inc.

Hartford became a lead worker at the DEA about the time the Simon Institute initiated their pilot cleaning program (OS1) with the FBI.

“She took charge of the (OS1) pilot and never looked back,” says John Walker, president of ManageMen, the organization that created (OS1) Process for Cleaning. “It is because of her dedication and attention to detail that the (OS1) program at the DEA and FBI has been so successful.”

The Outstanding Cleaning Workers Award is presented annually by the Simon Institute at the Simon Institute Symposium. Established in 2006, the non-profit organization is led by representatives from all segments of the cleaning industry, including facility managers, in-house custodial services, building service contractors and non-profit organizations. The Institute focuses on creating benchmarks for cleaning industry best practices utilizing the Philosophy of Cleaning.

According to the Simon Institute, recipients of the award “must display a commitment to professional pride and care; be self-motivated and accountable; demonstrate a positive, conscientious and considerate attitude toward customers, fellow employees and others; provide continual outstanding performance’ and consistently demonstrate excellence in the performance of the job.”
This is the fourth year the award has been granted.