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In his 31 years of talking to cleaning professionals about the tools they use and how they could be improved, Ed Earle has gained a great understanding of the needs of the professional cleaner. He has worked with thousands of professionals to develop and refine cleaning tools to improve performance and ergonomics, as well as to reduce cost to make them more affordable and available.

Now Earle hopes to help a whole new group of cleaning professionals as the new category manager at Legend Brands.

Earle’s insights will help the Legend Brands team design the next generation of tools, wands and accessories with a focus on products that make cleaning more efficient and improve the work experience of our customers.

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to put my experience and ideas into action for the benefit of the industry,” says Earle. “I have always admired Legend Brands as a company and look forward to what we can accomplish together. Cleaning is hard work and I’m committed to strategies that require less muscle-straining effort with optimal results.”