Laundry Workers Sue Over Wages, Warehouse Conditions

In a recent collective action lawsuit, workers for a commercial laundry on Hilton Head Island claim they were not paid overtime, worked in extreme heat and could be fired as retaliation for complaints, according to an article on the Island packet website.

The suit was filed in March by three former employees at a laundry warehouse owned by Housekeeping Services of Hilton Head. The workers alleged violations of federal labor laws on behalf of all workers at the laundry.

“The central complaint is that my clients worked long hours under tough conditions, and they were not paid time and half when they worked over 40 hours a week, which is a violation of federal law,” said attorney Marybeth Mullaney.

The lawsuit alleges the workers were not paid for meal breaks or mandatory pre-shift employee meetings and had to punch out for 5- to 10-minute restroom breaks, in violation of federal wage laws.

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