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In June, the Healthy Schools Campaign and Green Seal reached out to the cleaning industry for comment on the first national standard for healthy and sustainable school facilities. The standard is one component of their collaborative group, Healthy Green Schools & Colleges, and was created in partnership with a Steering Committee made up of facility cleaning executives in K-12 and higher education facilities across the country.

The goal of the proposed standard is to put specific focus on impactful measures that can be implemented in educational facilities without the need for capital investments. But prior to completion, the group would like comment on the specifics from the industry. This public comment period closes on Friday, July 16. 

To learn more about this standard and the tools necessary to transform school environments, click here. To review a complete draft of the standard prior to offering comment, click here. Submit comments on this proposed standard to standard@healthygreenschools.org by Friday, July 16.