Large roll of toilet paper for professional use

Last year there were more than double the amount of Americans living alone as there was in 1960, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many of these people living by themselves are Millennials, an age group with totally different consumer habits that those before them. Realizing this, a variety of companies are marketing items they think appeal to the solo-living consumer. Products like jumbo toilet paper that only has to be replaced once per month.

Proctor & Gamble’s Charmin brand will begin selling the ”Forever Roll,” a massive rolled up gob of toilet tissue intended for the home of a single person. One forever roll even requires its own toilet paper stand, which comes with the purchase of a three-roll starter kit, according to Newsweek.

The Forever Roll is not just unique because of how much larger and long-lasting it is compared to the traditional consumer toilet paper roll. Many of the other products marketed for the person who lives alone, Millennial, or both, tend to be smaller than the thing they are replacing, reports Fortune. A common example is single serving sized foods intended to reduce the amount of food that’s wasted. But the larger toilet paper roll appears to be more about reducing storage space and not having to change a roll over than it is about affordability or waste reduction.