LIKARR Maintenance Systems is holding bimonthly professional development days featuring industry experts on industry-specific topics.  Their first professional development day, on May 22, focused on new time-saving ways to avoid the lengthy and costly stripping processes that schools experience during the summer months.

“The problem with this industry is that bad practices and techniques are passed down from one worker to the next and never really corrected.  What we’re trying to do here at LIKARR is not only correct this ongoing issue and save enormous amounts of time and money, but also to make better employees by equipping them with industry certifications.”  Paul Defilippo- Director of Training and Sustainability, LIKARR Maintenance Systems.

LIKARR’s next Professional Development Day will be focusing on green cleaning practices and how to qualify for LEED certification.  This Professional Development day will feature a LEED certified professional, and a CIMS certified expert.  All training sessions are held at LIKARR headquarters:  6 Perry Drive, Foxboro, MA 02035.  The Green Professional development day will be held from 9:00 to 11:00am.  For more information contact Shannon Maloney at