LIKARR Maintenance Systems launched their new website in May, 2012.  The website features a new user-friendly menu, navigation, and online ordering system. The new website is optimized for operation on smart phones and tablets.  

LIKARR Maintenance Systems new website offers a multitude of new functions including the LIKARR Calendar: featuring professional development days, training sessions, sales and promotions that can be added directly to calendars from the website.  

“The intent of this new design is to not only optimize the use of new technology for our own sales team and support, but to introduce the best and latest technology to all of our clients” said Rick Greene, CEO of LIKARR Maintenance Systems.  

The website displays the 6 core product categories and easily downloadable PDF’s of each core product offering.  LIKARR Maintenance Systems has launched 4 new comprehensive programs which are also featured on the website in downloadable formats.

For LIKARR’s VIP customers, there is a separate login menu that shows exclusive VIP member information and promotions.  

In addition to the many new features on the LIKARR website, LIKARR Maintenance Systems has customized pages for all industry segments LIKARR currently caters to.  In these segments, users will find the contact information for each segment director.