Solenis Diversey

LESSEAU earned the prestigious Amsterdam Innovation Award in the Sustainability & Environment category. Notably, LESSEAU was also named the Overall Winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award, marking a significant achievement for sustainability and innovation in the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Compared to liquid hand washing soap, LESSEAU hand wash bars contain 95 percent less water and are significantly smaller, lighter and have zero plastic packaging.

The Amsterdam Innovation Award, granted every two years to the most innovative products, services or solutions, represents an exceptional accomplishment. LESSEAU’s triumph in the Sustainability & Environment category and its recognition as the Overall Winner underscore its commitment to revolutionizing hand hygiene platforms by eliminating single-use plastics and promoting sustainability across the industry.

“This innovation represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability,” says Dan Daggett, vice president of Sustainability at Solenis. “By eliminating single-use plastics and embracing circularity principles, LESSEAU sets a new standard for environmental responsibility in the cleaning and hygiene industry.”

“The LESSEAU dispenser is the future of hand wash, adding customer value while preserving natural resources,” adda Bekie Riley, vice president of Global Innovation and Marketing at Solenis. “Not only is it sustainable, but it also has a pleasant in-use experience and a modern and stylish look, hence elevating user experience.”

As the recipient of these awards, Diversey stands at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning and hygiene industry, setting a new standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility.