Hand Raised and Support Human Shape with Care to Reach a Golden Star

Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH) has a lot to celebrate. The nonprofit, which provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, was recognized with two prestigious awards at Simon Institute's 17th Annual Symposium, held in August in Park City, Utah.

LAHH was recognized as the first recipient of the Award of Excellence for 2018 — Inspiration.

During the award ceremony, Renae Walker, board member at Simon Institute, said: “Inspiration is when ordinary people do extraordinary things. They are abile and willing to be caring, selfless, creative, innovative…and dare to be different. Many times, the actions of inspiring people go completely unnoticed.
"What truly inspires are people who works each and every day to better humanity within their own small piece of the world. They do not seek accolades…and need only to know that they gave back and made things better for those in need. Inspired people light a fire that brings warmth and light to others.
"[Los Angeles Habilitation House is] committed to this kind of excellence. They have inspired us all and have carefully nurtured some of the best and most dedicated cleaning workers in the industry."

When asked to comment about this award recognition, Nancy Albin, vice president of LAHH, said:
"To say the least, we were moved to tears with our hearts overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful people with disabilities with whom we share the journey of work.
"Guido (Piccarolo, CEO) and I dedicate this award to all people with disabilities who go to work each day and for all of the people with disabilities who desire to have a job to go to each day. Keep dreaming, keep desiring, keep going, and it will happen. We are humbled and honored to share in the lives of our colleagues with disabilities. You are the best of the best because of your heart!"

LAHH also celebrated the Simon Institute's recognition of Omery Tanner III, who received the award for Outstanding Cleaning Worker. Tanner was recognized specifically for his "never-give-up attitude" and his dedication to hard work.

"This never-give-up-attitude is a richness in his life and in ours," said Albin. "He is certain of being loved and belonging to a team, and this makes all the difference! Congratulations to Omery on being an outstanding cleaning worker!"