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The Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH) — an organization that creates and maintains jobs for individuals with disabilities through building services, janitorial, custodial, administration and contract management services — recently recognized three outstanding workers.

Wes Sutherland — Employee of the Year
A retired U.S. Navy veteran, Sutherland is recognized for his thoughtfulness, awareness and great listening. He's known as someone who truly cares about his work, his colleagues and his customers.

"Wes never tires of reminding and redirecting the team toward the smallest or largest goal," said Nancy Albin, LAHH vice president. "He is a patient listener and thinker, fruits of seeds planted long ago by his family. He wants to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts before making a decision and, when he makes a decision, he is thoughtful, humble, and yet firm. Wes motivates through humor and encouragement. When one of the team members is having a bad day or is just down, Wes is usually going for a short walk with them, listening and picking them up with an encouraging word. A heart of gold, we appreciate and are honored to work with Wes."

Anthony Taylor — Outstanding Cleaning Worker
The Outstanding Cleaning Worker Award recognizes achievement in the janitorial industry. Taylor has achieved many things, including a safety award patch, but it's his self awareness and determination that lead to this achievement.

"The awareness that Anthony was sharing with us showed us a growth and maturity that was not before present," said Albin. "The watering of good seeds planted and tended too. An awareness of himself and the world around him is a sign that isolation is defeated and a new horizon enters. We congratulate Anthony and are honored to work with him."

Chiara — Volunteer Of The Year
After just three short months, Chiara has already made a difference in the lives of those at LAHH.

"Chiara came in totally new to the nonprofit world and got right to work, donating her time, energies and especially her wonderful and tender heart to support our mission," said Albin. "Thank you Chiara and come back soon."

Albin adds, "Wes, Anthony and Chiara all exhibit love for their work, closeness, care, and respect for others. They show through their lives that everyone is worthy of our concern, kindness, and affection and this is a richness for all."