Kutol Products Company recently concluded a two-day summit with senior representatives from five of its manufacturing rep agencies. Attending the summit were: Craig Miller, Apex; John Whitaker, Flow-Tex; Peter Henson, Henson Sales Group; Jim Osborne, Osborne Group; and Scott Schannon, Source One Sales. The event was designed to share short-term and long-term company strategies and obtain feedback from those who interact on a regular basis with distributors and end-users.

"We place a lot of value on our discussions with our manufacturer reps, and always walk away with some key insights," notes Joe Rhodenbaugh, president of Kutol Products Company. "We want to make sure that Kutol focuses on projects and initiatives that will most benefit our end users, valued customers, and partners, as well as Kutol teammates."
Obtaining feedback from key manufacturer rep firms enables Kutol Products Company to make tactical adjustments in its strategic direction and guarantees alignment for initiatives throughout its distribution channel.

"Kutol appreciates the valuable insights and feedback our manufacturing rep attendees provided during our summit," adds Bob Bernet, vice president of sales for Kutol. "We feel it is essential that our sales partners are included in our planning and strategic decision-making process and are grateful for their time and perspectives."