Dirty and clean work table. Creative mess. Disorder in the interior. Table before and after cleaning

Marie Kondo is sparking joy in houses all over the world by organizing the clutter — but her tips are not just for homes. The "KonMari" method can be used in the workplace, too, according Inc. reports.

Kondo's principles of tidying need just a few adjustments to apply to businesses:

• Commitment. Psych yourself up and write down reminders of why you're tidying. Keep the list easily accessible so you can return to it when you're feeling frustrated.

• Toss first. Get rid of the stuff you know is clutter. You have to clear your space, before you can really clear your space, according to reports.

• Tackle the mess by category. When the clutter is gone, you can organize what's left by category. That means considering all files at once to see what you've got and what you really need.

• Tidy in order. The KonMari order for homes is clothes, books, papers, household items and sentimental items. For a workplace, it might be marketing, books, papers, office items and people. Some categories might need to be broken down further. Office items, for instance, might be broken down into: office supplies, furniture and cabinets.

• Does it "spark joy?" "Joy" in the workplace probably means something different than it does at home.  If you reference that business book all the time and it reminds you of a great conference, hang on to it. Regarding that random pamphlet you got in the mail, probably not.

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