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Kleenco Group, Inc., a provider of commercial cleaning and building maintenance services in Hawaii, is merging its four business entities into one. 

Kleenco has combined its commercial cleaning, light building maintenance (Kleenco Maintenance Company) and SaniGLAZE tile and grout restoration services, as well as office billing, sales and marketing, and human resources operations, as one entity under the Kleenco Group name. The services that clients currently enjoy will stay the same, while customer service and billing systems will be streamlined to increase efficiency and provide consistency and ease of use under one company. 

“Kleenco’s reorganization provides enhanced convenience for customers and greater efficiency for overall operations,” said Scott Paul, CEO of Kleenco Group. “As we celebrate our 50th year in Hawaii, we are looking forward to providing even better service to our customers across the islands as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and improving operations.” 

Kleenco Group has expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic to include services such as electrostatic spraying, and has grown to nearly 350 employees.