Kimberly-Clark Professional is making a $10,000 donation to The Nature Conservancy to support sustainable forest management in Canada’s Boreal Forest in honor of xpedx, one of its distributors.

Of all of its distributors, the xpedx branch in Harrisburg, Pa., sold the most Kimberly-Clark Professional Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certified products to its customers during the first full year that these products were available (2010).  The FSC- certified products sold by xpedx Harrisburg include a range of Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products, including Kleenex Naturals facial tissue, Kleenex Cottonelle bath tissue, Scott Coreless bathroom tissue, Kleenex Scottfold towels, and Kleenex and Scott brand hard roll towels.  FSC certification guarantees that the products are produced with wood fiber that comes from well-managed FSC-certified forests, post-consumer recycled material and/or other controlled sources.

The Nature Conservancy donation on behalf of xpedx marks the first distributor award by Kimberly-Clark Professional to encourage its distributors and customers to purchase FSC-certified products.

The donation will help support The Nature Conservancy’s efforts toward conservation and the implementation of best management practices in 178 million acres of Canadian Boreal Forest, the largest amount of land ever involved in such conservation efforts.  These efforts will help preserve the livelihoods and cultures of First Nations, help ensure the vitality of sensitive habitat for woodland caribou and other iconic wildlife, and set the region on a path for the management of its forest and a forestry-based economy.

“Our distributors and their customers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits to people and the environment when they purchase FSC-certified towel and tissue products,” said Richard Marriott, North American Sustainability Lead, Kimberly-Clark Professional.  “A few years ago, the FSC label was primarily associated with printing paper and wood products.  The success of our FSC-certified towel and tissue offerings shows how much the demand for FSC-certified products has changed in a very short time.” 

“xpedx is committed to maintaining sustainable operations while offering our customers sustainable product choices and providing leadership in our business practices,” said Jeanette Malinoski, General Manager, xpedx Harrisburg.  “We thank Kimberly-Clark Professional for its commitment to producing FSC-certified products and are proud to be recognized for our efforts to supply these products to our customers.  We are equally honored by the donation made on our behalf to the Nature Conservancy in support of its efforts to protect our natural resources for future generations.”