From connectivity to sustainability, Kimberly-Clark Professional is harnessing the power of technology to bring distribution sales professionals unique solutions that will help them succeed in a competitive business landscape.

Chief among these is the launch of KCP Advantage, a new website and mobile app designed to help distributors grow their businesses by providing fast, easy access to Kimberly-Clark Professional product information. Kimberly-Clark Professional will introduce KCP Advantage at ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America, Booth 2645.

“KCP Advantage is a tool that empowers distributors to do more faster,” said Andy Clement, vice president of sales, North America, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “We’re committed to innovation and this particular one is going to transform the way distributors do business with us.”

KCP Advantage enables distributors to:
 • Easily share product information with customers
 •  Estimate segment-specific product usage 
 • Cross-reference products to identify the best Kimberly-Clark Professional solutions
 •  Simplify product options with Good/Better/Best recommendations
 • Claim rewards via direct access to the KCPzone rewards program

A Remote Eye on the Restroom
At ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America, Kimberly-Clark Professional also will showcase its Intelligent Restroom System, which provides facilities management with up-to-the-minute monitoring of a restroom’s status.

The patent-pending Intelligent Restroom System provides:
 • Real-time alerts for low product, dispenser malfunctions and trash levels
 • Better visibility of restroom traffic and consumption rates

“It’s like having a virtual assistant in every restroom,” said Tracey Doucet, Health and Wellness business leader, North America, Kimberly-Clark Professional.  

Sustainability Leadership
In addition to these solutions, Kimberly-Clark Professional will be exhibiting its new GreenHarvest products, an offering that incorporates rapidly renewable plant-based fiber, such as wheat straw and bamboo, into Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products.

These innovative products required the development of an entirely new supply chain to directly obtain wheat straw from U.S. farmers and the creation of a cutting edge manufacturing process for converting plant fiber into pulp.

In a resource-constrained, digital world with fewer sources of recycled fiber, the GreenHarvest launch represents a pioneering approach to sustainable fiber sourcing, while delivering the quality and performance customers expect from Kimberly-Clark Professional and its trusted brands.

Other Kimberly-Clark Professional sustainability initiatives to be featured at ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America include:
 • Paper towel composting
 • Zero-landfill strategies
 • The largest portfolio of FSC certified towel and tissue products in North America

“At Kimberly-Clark Professional, our commitment to sustainability is embedded in everything we do,” Doucet said. “These initiatives exemplify the spirit of innovation that enables us to partner with distributors to help create Exceptional Workplaces that are healthier, safer and more productive.”