Christmas cards

The students at Pine Haven Elementary school in Bauxite, Arkansas might be small, but they proved their hearts are as big as anybody's after extended a kind gesture to a beloved custodian.

The students have been giving Ferrell Bauer handcrafted Christmas Cards adorned with adorable pictures only children are capable of creating, reports THV11. The kids have also decorated the school's hallways with posters celebrating Bauer.

Bauer said the cards make him feel good during the holiday season, but the kids bring him joy throughout the year. A custodian at the school for 15 years, Bauer told reporters that his days go well when students ask him how he is doing or tell him he is doing a good job.

School Principal Becky Reynolds said the school could not function without Bauer. She said he does anything he's ever asked of him and would give the proverbial "shirt off his back" to anyone that needs it.

The holiday spirit is alive and well in the world of germ-killing and cleaning. As we recently shared in a news post, an 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy is making candy-cane scented hand sanitizer that he sells to buy Christmas presents for other children.