A set of thank you cards made by small children for frontline hospital workers

Servicon Systems Inc. is deploying increasing numbers of the highly trained health care cleaning workers who have emerged as vital weapons in the fight against COVID-19. As a result, one hospital in Los Angeles County has reached out to the local Boys and Girls Club to help it thank and recognize the Servicon team that is working to protect its patients, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

“We were charmed and deeply moved by the hospital’s creative effort to acknowledge the contributions of our employees, members of a dedicated infection prevention team that delivers advanced cleaning procedures for disinfection and infection prevention in health care facilities,” says Servicon President and CEO Laurie Sewell in a statement from the company. “We are proud of Servicon’s terminal cleaning process that disinfects everything from the ceiling to the floor in hospitals, clinics and rehab facilities, as we move into a future when health care environments will require deeper, more frequent cleaning."


These formerly almost invisible frontline workers at Servicon are helping to prevent infections of any kind in hospitals, clinics, medical offices and research facilities. 

“In a show of appreciation, the hospital staff donated cards for the Boys and Girls Club to write colorful, hand-made cards. The cards hang in our workplaces to remind us that people and their families acknowledge what we are doing, and are counting on us to help keep them safe,“ says Servicon Operations Manager Jaime Alvarado.

The company protects the health of its workers. Employees must follow guidelines on personal protective equipment from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In critical health care environments, Servicon teams remove dust, soil and organic materials - including microorganisms - using clean water, detergents, mechanical equipment and hand scrubbing. After cleaning, Servicon teams perform testing to ensure that no biological material is present after cleaning.

Servicon is stepping up its efforts to deliver essential services, which are gaining more and more recognition during the pandemic. The company’s innovative approach to cleaning and emerging technology has guided it for almost 50 years.

“Beyond the COVID-19 crisis, we are changing the face of the cleaning industry,” says Sewell.