Custodial workers are considered essential workers by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. Because of this, employers need to take even more steps to protect their health, starting with the trucks, vans, and cars these workers drive every day to get to and from job sites, according to a press release from Secure Clean Building Services, a building service contractor servicing Illinois. 

The big concern is the interiors of these work vehicles, which can become soiled and contaminated. In most work vehicles, these are the seven “hot spots” to focus on:

1. Steering wheel

2. Cup holders

3. Seat belts

4. Door handles

5. Gear shift knobs

6. Turn signal knobs

7. Radio buttons.

To keep these hot spots clean and safe, Rick VanderKoy, CEO of Secure Clean, suggests building service contractors do the following:

- Make sure workers wash their hands before driving vehicles and again before beginning work.

- Encourage workers to clean and disinfect hot spot areas daily.

- If vinyl areas are to be cleaned, workers should apply the solution to a test area first.

- Ask workers to apply cleaning and disinfecting “best practices” to these hot spots as well.

- Work equipment used every day and stored in the vehicle should also be cleaned and disinfected daily.