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Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning and OmniFlex Crossover cleaning systems, announced they are partnering with ISSA, helping to support the Association’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) education, training and certification program. According to Brant Insero, Director of Education, Training, Certification and Standards for ISSA, the CMI program is one of the industry’s leading programs focused entirely on industry training.

“CMI’s education and certification programs are designed by leading industry experts for industry professionals who have years of experience doing what you do,” says Insero. “Many organizations worldwide trust and use CMI’s custodial technician certification programs, and as of 2018, CMI has certified over 260,000 professionals in the industry.”

Mark Warner, CMI Education Manager, says that organizations like Kaivac, which invest in the CMI program, are vital to CMI’s success.

“They help us fund training programs for those that cannot afford it or to help train veterans, cleaning workers in battered women agencies, people working in homeless shelters, and similar organizations where the need for such training is very high,” says Warner.

Kaivac has long had a strong commitment to training and education. The company views training as a crucial way to improve the value of both the cleaning industry and all those in the industry, according to Tom Morrison, Vice President of Marketing for Kaivac.

“We actually consider it part of our mission," says Morrison. "An educated workforce is more effective, efficient, and helps keep people healthy, which is the ultimate goal of professional cleaning.”