Kaivac announces that they have recently hired Marc Ferguson as the company’s new International Business Director.
Ferguson was formerly Director of Sales and Marketing for Vocalink, a company that specializes in translating web, print, social, and multimedia content from English into more than 100 different languages.
“A great deal of my international experience was developed at Vocalink,” says Ferguson. “In addition to localizing content, we customized seamless ‘go to market’ solutions for Fortune 500 clients. I plan to leverage these same experiences to develop Kaivac’s growing international market presence.”
Although Kaivac has been marketing its products globally for several years, one of Ferguson’s first tasks will be to develop an international marketing strategy for the company in order to further expand its presence around the world.
“We see a great deal of potential for growth overseas,” says Tom Morrison, Marketing Director for Kaivac. “In fact, it is entirely conceivable that our international business will approach, and possibly even surpass, our sales and marketing here in the United States.”