Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning and the OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning systems, announced they have expanded their ROI (Return on Investment) Calculators introduced a few years ago, replacing them with a new set of “Savings Guides” now on the company Web site.
The Savings Guides are designed to be easy to use, address the cleaning needs of different types of facilities and different types of cleaning tasks, compare conventional cleaning methods with no-touch, spray-and-vac, and crossover cleaning systems, and provide considerably more information than the old ROI calculators. 
Further, the information is presented in a graphic format for easier understanding.
As an example, with one of the four Savings Guides, the user enters information such as the number of restrooms cleaned; the number of fixtures cleaned in each restroom; cleaning frequencies; and hourly wages paid to the cleaning worker.
With this information, the system reveals such things as:
·       How much time it takes to clean the restroom using conventional 
        and no-touch cleaning systems
·       Annual labor costs using both types of systems
·       Chemical cost comparisons
·       Equipment return on Investment
Additionally, with some Savings Guides, an Environmental Impact section has been added, calculating such things as the approximate amount of water and chemical used to perform the cleaning tasks being evaluated.
“Information for many of the calculations are based on ISSA’s popular Cleaning Times as well as other cleaning-related labor, time, chemical, and water analysis studies,” says Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac.
The Savings Guides also allow visitors to run “what if” scenarios to see if savings are possible by switching to a different cleaning system, and if so, approximately how much those savings will be.
“As a matter of fact, we find what if scenarios are done frequently,” adds Morrison. “Probably due to the economy, end users seem to be much more concerned with bread-and-butter issues, especially when it comes to selecting new cleaning equipment.”
Morrison also adds the Savings Guides are viewed as a “work in progress” and are updated regularly.