Kaivac Canada Honors Charlotte Minard

Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning and OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning systems, announced they have just recognized Charlotte Minard, as one of the company's top sales representatives in Canada for 2018.

According to Marc Ferguson, International Business Development Manager for Kaivac, Minard has not only proven herself as an excellent salesperson, "she successfully opened up several new markets for the company in the relatively short time she has been with us."

Minard bases her success on getting a thorough understanding of her customer's needs first, and then understanding the features and benefits of the different products she markets, such as the Kaivac cleaning systems.

"As I began to understand their needs and the [Kaivac] equipment lines, I could see right away these cleaning systems make sense for my clients," she says.

"Once I know something works, does what it says it can do, and is reliable, then I can get behind it.  Then I know it will solve real problems that my customers are facing every day."

Minard adds that over the years, she has developed a philosophy about selling that has helped her significantly.

"I learned early that as a salesperson, your reputation is on the line.  After all, I'm the one who must face my clients after they have purchased a product I sold them.

"I will only promote products that strengthen those relationships.  I trust Kaivac machines because they work; they do what they say they will do;  are easy to use; and save my customers time and money."