Time for something new

Jelmar, well-known for its CLR and Tarn-X product lines, announced the hiring of Mark Gabrielli as National Sales Manager for its industrial and commercial lines.

In his new role, Gabrielli will head the Sales program for Jelmar’s commercial product lines, CLR PRO and Tarn-X PRO. Based out of the company's headquarters in Skokie IL, he will be reporting directly to Chief Revenue Officer, Scott Mueller.

“We are thrilled to have Mark join the Jelmar family,” said Alison Gutterman, CEO and President of Jelmar. “Mark’s strengths in leadership and sales make him a valued addition to our company as we continue to innovate and expand into new markets.”

Gabrielli brings over 25 years of field sales experience across various industries, including chemical, consumer-packaged goods, construction and advertising, as well as experience directly in the maintenance and cleaning solutions space.

Gabrielli will play a key role in expanding sales opportunities for the PRO LINE products and maintaining key relationships with Jelmar’s distributors. The PRO LINE of products provides industrial-strength cleaning solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors. It includes products like Tarn-X PRO Tarnish Remover, CLR PRO Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover, CLR PRO Bath Cleaner and CLR PRO Kitchen Cleaner.