close up of Crickets in farm, For consumption as food And used as animal feed.

For janitors, killing germs is as a part of their job description as firefighters having to put out flames. But mass bug cleanup? That’s a little more unique of a service. 

Picking up insects is exactly what janitors throughout the San Antonio area have been doing as crickets continue to swam the city, reports KENS 5. 

Jan-Pro Cleaning Services has spent the last few days cleaning its own San Antonio office of invading crickets, while also fielding calls to come clean up the insects, which are all over the city’s street, sidewalks and commercial properties.

The company has been sweeping up and vacuuming crickets from customers, whether they are dead or alive. The office’s manager says this cricket disposal is definitely a special service, according to the report. 

While a cricket infestation might seem like something a pest control company could handle using pesticide, an entomologist told KENS 5 that this practice could make things worse, as the bugs will just die and rot. She says the smell would be pretty horrific considering the great number of crickets that are involved.

If a commercial property does decide to unload pesticide on the crickets, most commercial cleaning companies would welcome that call to come and clean up the stinky mess before customers are lost.