A cleaning lady with a mask on her face cleans the hallway

A group of Seattle janitors recently held a vigil to honor the frontline workers who have died from COVID-19 and to ask for better protections.

Gathered outside an Amazon-owned building in the city’s downtown, the janitors made it be known that they can die simply by coming to work, reports KOMO News. They were joined by janitors throughout the nation who held gatherings Thursday night in an effort to bring awareness to the struggles of their profession.

A union organizer for SEIU 6 Property Services NW tells KOMO News that the janitors gathering in Seattle are worried about how their jobs impact the health of themselves and their families. She also says that many of the janitors have tested positive while working at the Amazon facility.

What the janitors are most highly seeking is to receive hazard pay for working during the pandemic. They also want layoff protections and for Congress to help ensure that they’re being given the personal protective equipment to which they feel entitled.