Damage is visible in the early morning hours of Jan. 7, 2021, after protesters stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S.

Along with doctors, nurses, first responders, and various forms of essential workers, janitors and custodians have been among the most celebrated Americans over the past 10 months. That's because professional cleaning staff have been risking their lives cleaning up COVID-19, one of the biggest messes to hit the United States in sometime. Recently, it was janitors who were also left to clean up the the destruction at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

One of the local news agencies in D.C., WUSA 9, reported surfaces covered in the residue left by fire extinguishers, smashed windows, and floors covered in glass and debris, not long after the Capital building was bum rushed.

Once the space was secured, it didn't take long for Capital janitors to arrive on the scene and begin tackling the mess. Armed with brooms and collection bins, as well as backpack vacuums, the dedicated staff worked diligently in an effort to secure and open the space back up to lawmakers.

With all eyes on the progress, video soon emerged of the work. Social media users shared posts from Newsweek, CNN and The Cut, to name a few, emphasizing racial observations and opinions. Meanwhile, most in the industry would prefer people focus instead on the hard work and dedication of these individuals.