Training And Development or Upgrading as Concept

At a time when hiring frontline staff is difficult yet cleaning demand remains higher than ever, JVS Human Services in Detroit continues to step up and help the cause — while also providing for people with disabilities and other obstacles to finding work.

JVS runs an 8-week paid janitorial program where participants harness custodial and interpersonal skills, soon qualifying them for work in a variety of facility sectors, ranging from retail to hospitality and medical, the Detroit Jewish News reports.

The five days per-week program, pays the participants at minimum wage. Those that either have an open case with the Veterans Administration (VA) or Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) are eligible to be referred.

The longstanding program has produced many success stories, including one involving Ken Alexander of Detroit. Alexander participated in the program back in 2007 and reflects back on it as the positive turning point in his life after battling with substance abuse. 

“The program helped me do a 360-degree turnaround,” says Alexander. “I was learning, and they were willing to take a chance on me. If I made a mistake, no one judged me. It was just so supportive.” 

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