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Contributed by Janitorial Manager

When you hire new people, you’re looking at two options: Hiring someone with experience or training someone on the job. So, who should you pick? There are some interesting arguments in favor of both decisions. And like anything, there’s a balance in determining which one is better for you. The best thing to do is review some pros and cons of each, and determine which option is better in your current situation.  

The Pros of Hiring Someone with Experience 

• Expect less time for them to get up to speed. This means more productivity and less stress for other employees who don’t have to worry about covering for them. Any training you do can most likely be quick — just enough so they understand your approach to commercial cleaning and customer service. 

• New hires with experience may also bring new ideas or skills to your team. They may have a wealth of knowledge around equipment maintenance and repair. It can also be a great way to expand your services. For example, if your new hire has certifications or additional skills like carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning. 

Cons of Hiring Someone with Experience 

• You may be paying more for experience you don’t necessarily need. For instance, if everyone on your team is currently certified in carpet care, you might not need another person with that skill. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pay for experience and skills, but choose carefully. 

• Employees with experience might be stubborn and opposed to learning new tasks and procedures. They might not care to follow your best practices or offer the high level of customer service your clients expect. 

Pros of Hiring Someone Without Experience 

• When you hire someone without experience, you’re starting fresh with someone you can train to do the job to your standards. From customer service to how you use supplies to the best way to handle difficult stains, you can train them to do things the way you want them done. 

• A new hire may give some of your more experienced employees a chance to learn management skills, if they’re helping with the training.  

Cons of Hiring Someone Without Experience 

• Someone has to train your new hire. Whether that’s you or someone else, that’s time away from their primary job. And to train someone well, you need to focus on them.  

• It will also take time to train. That means the rest of your team may need to temporarily expand their workload until your new hire has a firm grasp of the role. 

The Bottom Line — Regardless of experience or not, a new hire should strengthen your company and add something to the team. Make sure that whoever you hire, they’re a good fit for your company culture and bring a positive attitude to the team.