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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions that have been put in place have relegated many bars and restaurants to turn to carryout options as a greater source of income. To help the members of these struggling industries get by, a Fargo, North Dakota-based cleaning company is donating containers that can be used for carryout.

Brenco Cleaning Equipment and Janitorial Services has supplied restaurants and bars within a 200 mile radius of its business with 200 plastic containers and 250 plastic utensils, according to a report from KVRR Local News

Brenco works with plenty of restaurants and bars, so the company is hyper-aware of how they've been negatively impacted by restrictions. Brenco's owner, Josh Green, said he and his company are trying to help the local community through the act of kindness. He said now is a good time for action as nearby Minnesota recently put in place more restrictions, in addition to others that are being created nationally.

Andrea Johnson, who owns Deaner's Diner in West Fargo, said the help couldn't have come at a better time because the business is doing more take out orders than it ever did before.