Bucket and set of cleaning equipment in the office

Janitorial carts are becoming more popular globally, according to a report by market intelligence firm Fact.MR.

The report, which forecasts the janitorial carts market from 2018 to 2028, says that the increased popularity of janitorial carts is due in part to the growth of the hospitality industry, which uses the carts to transport cleaning supplies. The report indicates that the increased demand for janitorial carts is also driven by the healthcare and food service industries.

Fact.MR says the market for janitorial carts is “highly fragmented” because the process of manufacturing these items is simple. The market’s growth is hindered a bit by the fact that there are alternatives to janitorial carts. However, the multifunctionality of the carts — they can be used in a number of industries — is conducive to a growing market.

The report also suggests programs aimed at cleaning up cities and towns, like those in India, will increase the demand for janitorial carts.

Janitorial carts most commonly have a trash capacity of either 15, 20, 25 or 30 gallons. They are typically made of either steel, aluminum or plastic.

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