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The Service Employees International Unions says that 4,000 of the janitors it represents will strike and protest in Minneapolis Thursday in an effort to gain additional rights, including a training program focused on helping the environment.

The thousands of janitors plan to rally and march through downtown Minneapolis at 5:30 p.m., reports WCCO-TV.

The janitors hope to accomplish several goals through this strike and protest. They hope their efforts will lead to a raise in pay, six paid sick days per year and an environmentally-conscious training program so that they can help to combat climate change.

The janitors who plan to strike are subcontracted to clean some of the largest corporate buildings in the Twin Cities, including facilities owned by U.S. Bank, EcoLab, Wells Fargo, United Health Group and Ameriprise.

The strike could be called off if the two sides re-enter negotiations and reach a contract.