Hate crime social problem concept with a dark grey brick wall with graffiti spray painted as a symbol of racism and race discrimination as an illegal act of hatred and vandalism based on xenophobia

A custodian tasked with cleaning racist graffiti off of one of the walls at the university where she works decided she was going to do more than wash the problem away.

Keri Courtwright came upon hate speech targeting Asians during one of her nightshifts at Syracuse University in New York. As she scrubbed away at the ugly sight, Courtwright decided that she would turn the sad situation into a lesson of love, reports Syracuse.com.

When Courtwright returned to work the next week she brought with her dozens of pieces of paper marked with words of encouragement and taped them onto her cart. With each of the many steps she took on her shifts, Courtwright spread around the positive energy.

Courtwright taped the kind words and inspirational quotes to doors, bathroom mirrors and paper towel dispensers.

Most of the positive notes put up by Courtwright and the coworkers that assisted her were taken down by the time she came in for her next shift. It was last reported that Courtwright would try again during her next shift.