Custom E-Commerce for JanSan Distributors

J&M Technologies is celebrating its 20th year with its new e-commerce software release that makes e-commerce for distributors as simple and customizable as ever.

John Manzoian, president and founder of J&M, explains that “homepages for e-commerce sites built with J&M’s software are now practically a blank slate. Unlimited image and text fields can suit any level of customization a distributor prefers. Yet the software retains its ease of use, enabling any distributor to have an impactful custom e-commerce site.”

Distributors using J&M’s software make it easy for their customers to order online. Customers can view their order history and unique pricing to quickly place repeat orders. New items are readily found with the auto-complete search bar, user-friendly category navigation, attribute filtering, and product suggestions. The software is also punchout compatible.

J&M provides the product images, descriptions, and more for the e-commerce site. Distributors simply identify the items that they want to sell online. J&M’s software then pulls the items from J&M’s constantly growing and updated database of over 350,000 janitorial, sanitary maintenance, paper, packaging, foodservice and safety products.

“For 20 years, J&M has focused exclusively on providing innovative e-commerce and sales tools tailored exclusively to the needs of the JanSan industry,” said Manzoian. “We are excited to conclude our 20th anniversary year with this new release loaded with features that make distributor sites stand out against their competition.”

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