JU Training Courses Announced

Managemen has announced two new dates for Janitor University, a three-day, introductory class to the (OS1) Cleaning Management Program.

(OS1) was developed by John Walker as a branded approach to managing custodial operations. It is a management philosophy that incorporates lean practices, logistics, standardized procedures, balanced workloads through team cleaning, simplified training for cleaning workers and best practices for safety and well-being.

Since 1993, (OS1) has been successfully implemented in cleaning operations of all sizes throughout the United States. It has touched tens of thousands of custodial workers and $1 billion cleaning budgets.

The 2019 courses include:
March 5-7, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT
Little America Hotel
August 19-21, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT
Little America Hotel

The past decade of Janitor University Alumni represents a who's-who of cleaning industry professionals from organizations such as:
 • Sandia National Laboratories
 • The University of Texas at Austin
 • GMI Facility Services, Inc
 • Michigan State University
 • The University of Michigan
 • United States Postal Service
 • Qualcomm
 • GM
 • Sodexo
 • Wisconsin State Fair
 • Austin Convention Center