The entrance to the Haunted Mansion is lined with humorous tombstones

When the custodial staff at Disneyland and Disney World get a “HEPA cleanup” alert, they know what they’ll be cleaning up – the ashes of a deceased Disney fan. According to a report on the Gizmodo website, these impromptu “burials” happen on a monthly basis — hence the special code.

Apparently, human ashes have been spread in flower beds, bushes and lawns inside the park. Ashes are also spread inside the Pirates of the Caribbean and in Families and friends say treating Disney parks as a final resting place for loved ones is the best tribute for serious Disney fans.

The most popular burial site however is in the Haunted Mansion, an attraction featuring imaginary ghosts.

Families have brought loved ones into the parks in prescription pill bottles, makeup compacts or concealed Ziploc bags. If the custodians catch guests spreading ashes, they suck them up with their special HEPA vacuums. The offending mourners will be removed from the park.

In 2002, a Los Angeles Times article described an incident at the Haunted Mansion in Anaheim. A group requested a little extra time for a quick memorial service for a 7-year-old boy who had died. Later, ride operators spotted one of the guests throwing a powdery substance off her “Doom Buggy.”

After the ride was shut down, the employee discovered a smattering of gray dust.

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