Young woman with cleaning supplies in building

A woman who cleans full-time for a living believes the low figure one company offered her for two weeks worth of work lacks a lot of honor.

Jamir Paxtor says Honor Cleaning offered her $400 to clean 16 of the city of Lake Worth Beach, Florida’s buildings for two weeks — a fraction of the $2,800 another janitorial company had paid her for the same work.

Paxtor says the offer was a “take it or leave it” deal that she felt was a form of abuse, reports the Palm Beach Post. Angered by the offer, Paxtor rejected and instead took a part-time job cleaning at another location.

The city commissioner says he thought the wage offered by Honor Cleaning wasn’t fair and was “exploitative,” reports the Palm Beach Post.

As part of its three year contract with the city of Lake Worth Beach, Honor Cleaning is paid $8,801.94 a month for the cleaning of 19 buildings.

The city’s director of public works says the work being performed by Honor Cleaning has been run-of-the-mill.

The Palm Beach Post’s report doesn’t make any mention of the total square footage of the 16 buildings Paxtor was offered to clean. Of course, this metric is an important one in determining how much should be paid for a cleaning service. Here, Mickey Crowe offers tips on how to bid for janitorial work.