Picture of a person's hand using wall mounted automatic sanitizer dispenser

Research on a voice-based electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems showed a 61.4 percent decrease in healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), across 10 hospitals, according to an article on the Healio website.

The findings were reported at a recent conference for the Association for Professionals in Infection Control Epidemiology.

The system includes an audible reminder in the form of a human voice that reminds healthcare facility staff to sanitize their hands. Bluetooth technology in a badge worn by the healthcare workers communicates with IoT sensors affixed to soap and sanitizer dispensers in patient care areas.

When the staffer walks into or out of a patient’s room, the IoT sensors detect that. The worker has a certain number of seconds to dispense sanitizer or soap. If they don’t, a "Real-Time Voice Reminder" is triggered saying “Please sanitize.”

In rooms where a patient has C. diff, the voice changes to “soap and water only,” since sanitizer does not kill C. diff. spores.

Hospitals that use the technology can customize it with their own preferred voice and content, such as the infection preventionist’s or a child’s voice.

While the devices are designed for healthcare providers, one hospital is currently testing using them with visitors badges as a means to improve infection prevention.

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