Amsterdam event

On May 16, 2024, Interclean’s Healthcare Cleaning Forum (HCF) will open its doors for the third time in RAI Amsterdam. This unique one-day international conference is dedicated to advancing the crucial field of healthcare environmental hygiene and focuses on the intersection of environmental cleaning, disinfection, patient safety and infection prevention and control.

Visitors to the event can look forward to an extensive program featuring breakout sessions and keynote speakers as Prof. Didier Pittet (University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland), Martin Kiernan (Richard Wells Research Centre, United Kingdom), Edmée Bowles (Radboudumc, the Netherlands)  and Brett Mitchell( (Avondale University, Australia).

Tickets can be ordered now through the Healthcare Cleaning Forum website.

About Healthcare Cleaning Forum

Environmental cleaning and disinfection play pivotal roles in reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAI's). Partly due to the pandemic, the awareness of the importance is growing. Examples are the growing number of scientific publications and the innovative technologies entering the market. Healthcare Cleaning Forum brings together healthcare experts, cleaning professionals, hospital managers, infection prevention specialists, facility managers, and industry leaders to explore the latest trends and challenges shaping this vital sector

HCF offers in-depth insights into trends and challenges which affect environmental cleaning and hygiene in the healthcare sector in hospitals and long-term-care institutions. HCF raises awareness, facilitates discussions of best  practices and explores the latest scientific research on how cleaning can have an impact on infection prevention and control.