A cartoon illustration of a toilet with an idea.

A few blocks from the Archer and the Andaz hotels, near Napa’s restaurant district, a pair of talking, self-cleaning toilets and making some noise in the city, according to an article on the Napa Valley register website.

The two tan metal shed-like structures recently opened to the public. Inside each are two stalls equipped with a toilet, sink, soap dispenser and hand dryer, all triggered with the press of a button or the wave of a finger. There is an identical pair of talking toilets is a city-owned parking lot on Main Street.

A lighted button outside each stall of downtown Napa's new public toilet glows green when the restroom is vacant, yellow when occupied, blue when briefly shut down for self-washing and red when closed. The sliding doors automatically lock from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Since approving the high-tech facilities last summer, city leaders have promised a convenience that would remove a headache from local shop owners while making trips more pleasant for visitors, the article said.

The structures, are manufactured by the New Zealand-based company, Exeloo Ltd.

When someone enters the structure, a voice says: “Welcome to Exeloo. Please press the button to close and lock the door.”

After the door is locked, a voice reminds the occupant that they have 10 minutes before the door opens. They are then treated to elevator music. Those who take longer (without triggering a motion sensor) will cause an automated call to the Napa Police dispatch desk.

After every 30 flushes, a stall washes itself with disinfectant and dries itself with fans. Park employees also will clean each toilet manually every morning while refilling the soap and sanitizer supplies.

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