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With heightened consciousness about cleaning and substantial increases in the type of flooring solutions that make it easier, NEx Systems has announced a shift in company direction to the craft of polished concrete and epoxy floors. With clean floors topping a list of concerns for returning workplace occupants, there will be preference for smooth, non-porous floors.

NEx will fulfill the installation needs in the construction market by doing exclusively union work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California and has joined the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons (OPCMIA Locals #300 and #400) as signator.

Adrian Henry, who leads NEx Systems's Polished Concrete Division, welcomes the change. 

"Our goals here are to focus our capabilities on serving the top tier of new commercial construction and restoration of existing buildings. With an increased importance in the hierarchy of needs for specifiers, and pre-construction estimators on polished concrete, this is the perfect storm," said Henry, a mason and a 30-year career polished concrete and epoxy expert. "We want to give confidence to our commercial real estate partners as well that they can fulfill on their promises of a healthy, cleanable workplace and we do the finest, easy-to-maintain floors that fit the bill."

"Building wellness is paramount and that starts with the right kind of flooring and maintenance," stated NEx Systems, Inc. Founder, Keith Bewley. "Joining the Cement Masons to provide a needed qualified and reliable workforce was a logical move to meet the demands for polished concrete and resinous floors by building owners, developers and GC's.

NEx Systems was founded as a cleaning technology company over 30 years ago in Stockton, California, which will continue to be their base of operations. "The company has long invested in the best talent, equipment and tooling for the job," said Bewley.

In addition to their work in artisan concrete, urethane and epoxy floors, the company does cleaning and disinfection for workplace wellness. It also produces eco-friendly products including non-slip coatings like NEx Systems patented PAH and other sealants.