Delivery driver loading his van with boxes outside the warehouse

According to National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) President Eric R. Byer, there is a shortage of truck drivers throughout the U.S., which can have a serious negative impact on the economy.

In a recent statement, Byer said, "If this shortage is not addressed, we will continue to see increased costs for carriers, shippers, and the businesses like chemical distributors that rely on them, as well as higher prices for consumers."

To address the situation, the Senate introduced the Develop Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE) Safe Act (S. 3352).

According to Byer, "The DRIVE Safe Act can help ease [the economic] problem by lowering the interstate commercial driving age to 18, opening jobs to a new segment of the workforce while strengthening safety training programs.

“NACD applauds Senate introduction of the DRIVE Safe Act. We thank Sens. Todd Young, Jerry Moran, and James Inhofe for showing their commitment to addressing this crisis by sponsoring this important legislation. We now urge the full Senate to move quickly in passing the DRIVE Safe Act to ensure our nation’s trucking workforce is able to effectively and efficiently conduct commerce across the country.”