Industry Hero Contest Announced

American Time, a provider of integrated time solutions, has announced the Maintenance Hero Contest. This contest is open to any organization in any industry that wishes to nominate a valued maintenance professional who routinely goes above and beyond in the workplace but receives little recognition for their efforts.
Nominees for this award must 1) be a maintenance professional, such as a custodian, groundskeeper or maintenance worker/engineer and 2) consistently demonstrate skillful work and go above and beyond to serve others.
Three winners will be chosen with prizes ranging from $1,000 - $3,000 in American Time product credit.
“We routinely serve maintenance professionals who are a valued and invaluable member of their organization,” explained George Wilkes, president of American Time. “They keep the building running efficiently, they are responsive and caring, and they think creatively to solve problems. But we also know these individuals aren’t usually in the spotlight when it comes to recognition or thanks. We want to give any organization the opportunity to recognize a Maintenance Hero who is making a difference.”

More details and the nomination form can be found here. There is no fee to apply or win. Deadline for submissions is Friday, Sept. 15, 2017.