Focus group

The Indoor Health Council (IHC), an organization dedicated to promoting healthy indoor environments through evidence-based cleaning, is inviting cleaning managers to participate in focus groups to assess and improve its Power Learning program. Power Learning is a teaching/training method that uses high-yield techniques and strategies to enhance the learner experience and improve learning outcomes. The program is based on the latest cognitive research and best practices in adult education.
The focus groups will consist of the following elements:
• Overview: Participants will receive a brief introduction to the core methodology of Power Learning and its key features. They will also learn about the program's effectiveness in improving the knowledge and skills of cleaning professionals, based on previous studies and evaluations.

• Process: Participants will watch a demo video and take a single lesson from the Power Learning program, such as Handwashing Technique Training. They will then share their thoughts and feedback on the lesson via email, phone, or Zoom call. The focus group facilitator will guide the discussion and ask questions to elicit the participants' opinions and suggestions.

• Compensation: Participants will receive $100 compensation per focus group session. Each session will last about an hour and a half.
Cleaning managers wishing to participate in the focus groups should send a brief bio to by June 30, 2024. The first focus group will begin in July 2024. Space is limited, so please apply as soon as possible.