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Parents, faculty and other staff members across the country have shown increased concern in the state of their school’s indoor air quality. One school in Easthampton, Massachusetts decided to do something about this, reports WWLP.

White Brook Middle School says it has elected to remove old carpeting and peeling paint, and also continuously run its HVAC system at the recommendation of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Indoor Air Quality Program, which conducted assessments of the school’s indoor air quality over the past three years. 

Perhaps more school districts will elect to make improvements to their facilities in an effort to improve indoor air quality. Based on recent reports, that would be the right move.

Environmental researchers say that buildings are a great source of the chemical exposure Americans experience, due in part to the large amount of time citizens spend indoors, reports the Washington Times.

Luckily, there are several ways to improve the indoor air quality of a facility. CleanLink recently shared three tips on how to improve bad indoor air quality, courtesy of Waxie.