The contract cleaning business can be a lonely business. Many contractors never hear from their customers until it's too late — after they have decided to hire a new contractor to handle their cleaning needs. However, there are ways to stay in touch with clients and one way that is often overlooked is to conduct a survey about you and your service.
This is not only a valuable customer retention technique, but it is also a valuable marketing strategy. Staying in touch with your clients shows you care, you want them to be happy with your service, and you are interested in the health and well-being of their facility.
According to Mike Englund, product manager with Powr-Flite and a trainer for the professional cleaning industry, cleaning contractors should conduct at least one survey per year. Often an online survey system can be employed. The contractor's survey should assess the following areas:
• An overall evaluation of the work performed.
• How easy is it for the client to communicate with custodial workers?
• How easy is it for the client to communicate with the contractor's office?
• Rate cleaning performance in such areas as restroom care, floor care, carpet care, etc.
• What areas of the facility need more cleaning attention?
• What the client likes best about the cleaning services provided.
• Where the client would like to see improvements.

Englund advises putting together about 10 to 15 survey questions and then sending the survey to a few select clients first.
"Ask them to also evaluate your survey," he says. "Very often, they will think of items to ask that you may not have even thought of. And, always remember, the goal of a survey is two-fold: improve customer satisfaction and build a relationship with the client—one that can be maintained for years to come."