As of January 1, a new state law in Illinois required customers purchasing some cleaning chemicals to first show a legitimate photo ID and to write their name, address and date of birth. According to reports from the Quad-City Times, store clerks will also be required to log the time and date of the purchase.

The law specifically applies to products containing sodium hydroxide, or lye, corrosive or caustic acid, alkaline substances, other corrosive chemicals that are regulated by the Federal Caustic Position Act and those that read "causes severe burns" on labeling. Lawmakers claim the measure is to protect the public from those individuals who may use these everyday chemicals to cause harm to others.

According to the article, show managers and owners are upset about the law, claiming it is intrusive to customers and potentially laborious for store employees. The law does require stores to maintain a registry of all customers who make purchases and those that are caught not doing so will be fined $150 the first time and up to $1,500 for the third offense.

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