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ISSA, in partnership with RGX Cross Border Trade Experts, announced the launch of ISSA Market Consulting Services. This new service was developed to help cleaning industry companies sustain growth by exploring new customer networks and building partnerships across international markets.

ISSA Market Consulting Services are designed to help cleaning industry companies explore international markets, identify prime opportunities, validate market assumptions, gather industry intel, find compatible and qualified contacts, discover new business partners, analyze distribution dynamics and top players, schedule meetings in other countries, optimize existing international leads, and expand globally without cost as a barrier. 

“ISSA regularly receives inquiries asking if we know people in specific countries or verticals as they explore expansion or look to restructure existing business models. We spent considerable time researching options to offer more comprehensive support anywhere in the world, regardless of your company’s level of international sophistication and for a reasonable price,” said ISSA Vice President of Corporate Development Dianna Steinbach. “We are very excited about the preliminary results when testing this service and look forward to leveraging this new capability to best serve any company’s expansion needs.”

In combination with ISSA’s worldwide industry network, companies will benefit from the expertise of international trade specialists at ISSA’s partner, RGX Cross Border Trade Experts—located in more than 50 countries around the world.