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The 2020 ISSA Show North took place Nov. 16 – 19, 2020 and connected influential leaders throughout the worldwide commercial, residential, and institutional cleaning industry through a one-of-a-kind virtual experience. The virtual experience content remains available on-demand through March 31, 2021.

As the first edition of the show in a virtual setting, the 2020 Virtual Experience broke down traditional barriers by giving the worldwide cleaning industry access to global business solutions from anywhere and at any time. The week-long experience attracted 13,500 unique platform visitors from 79 countries, with over 6,284 creating personalized virtual planners and/or registrations.

“We were grateful for everyone’s willingness to try something new. We understood a virtual event would never replace the in-person experience, but we also knew people still wanted to unite as one industry," said Lindsay Roberts, Group Director, ISSA Show North America, in a press release. "They wanted and needed education, products and connections. We focused on bringing these critical elements to the platform. Plus, we knew after a tough year, people were seeking motivation and inspiration. I was so impressed with the audience’s open minds and positive attitudes. And equally impressed with their ability to quickly learn to navigate the elements of virtual experience platform. It proved what we already knew. That our industry is resilient, resourceful and adapts quickly."

The Virtual Experience not only preserved the same in-person elements seen at the traditional event but included expanded features, events, and offerings to the virtual show including:

• 12 networking events

• 3 spotlight speakers

• Innovation of the year awards

• More than 250 exhibitors

• More than 150 exhibitor events

• Over 40 live sessions

• Over 25 on-demand sessions

• Matchmaking and video appointments

• Interactive events and entertainment

The Virtual Experience had high levels of engagement with the virtual booths, products and educational content. That engagement is demonstrated in the following figures:

• More than 71,000 virtual exhibit views

• Over 17,500 virtual exhibitors added to agendas

• More than 25,000 education session page views

• Over 19,900 education session adds to agendas

• More than 2,500 on-demand session YouTube views

• 1,879 confirmed video meetings took place over the four-day event, drawing 88 percent engagement with exhibitors

Participants left the experience with knowledge from lessons learned while working together towards strengthening the global community by increasing the appreciation for cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line.