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At the ISSA Show North America, attendees will interact with members from around the world. A trip around the exhibit floor will yield insight into new technologies, products and equipment that can help a facility manager tackle challenges that they may not have even heard of or considered. By interacting with creators and distributors in-person, managers will be well equipped to make the best possible investments and business decisions. Various Learning Hubs will showcase specific areas of interest, such as the Sustainability Hub, the Clean Meet Zone, the Facility Solutions Theater, and more.

To help manage all the real-time information, facility cleaning managers are also encouraged to download the ISSA Show App, which affords the capability to personalize the entire show experience. The app will also allow users to track education sessions, stay in-touch with live notifications, and review all the details on the numerous and invaluable networking events taking place throughout the week. 

In addition to the incredible display of innovation and consumer goods, the educational offerings are unrivaled. More than 70 sessions are on the 2023 slate, and attendees can seek certification in 14 different areas of expertise. At ISSA North America, top-tier industry professionals will put their knowledge on display with regards to commercial, institutional and residential settings. The sessions are carefully curated to provide maximum benefits to cleaning professionals — whether they are just getting started in their career or an industry vet looking to shake things up with some new insights. The hands-on experience and almost immediate feedback that comes with in-person education helps to hone skills on the cutting edge of the industry.

For facility managers, a number of education tracks will be of note. Designed especially for attendees in this field, the Facility Operations & Maintenance track is chock full of useful tidbits. Best-selling author Jonathan Porter-Whistman will share his insights on cracking the human code — how one can make good hiring decisions and encourage long-term growth within an organization. Another session will consider the office environment of the future, and how occupant expectations will align with managerial interests and cleaning strategies.  

The Technology and Innovation track will highlight the latest and greatest in equipment and software. The potential of robotics versus the reality of implementation will be discussed, and finding ways that technology can improve sustainability is on the agenda.  

A dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) track will examine how the green cleaning revolution is showing up in modern facilities and affecting the ways that managers need to plan for the future. Additionally, a session on manageable sustainability will help executives make smarter decisions about investments that make sense for the environment and budgets.  

A special track of Spanish-language sessions is also on the docket for 2023, allowing attendees to experience the full benefits of the ISSA North America education experience.  

As part of the centennial celebration, the show will continue to highlight success and progress in many corners of the industry. Various awards and recognition opportunities will put the focus on top performers in the industry, including the popular Hygieia Network and Next Gen programs, innovative products, and more.