Grant application

ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities signature program dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry, has announced the launch of its Educational Program Grants.

The ISSA Hygieia Network will award a limited number of Educational Program Grants that will provide recipients from the commercial and residential cleaning industry access to all of Hygieia’s online educational programs and one in-person Networking and Leadership Conference.

Applicants must be ISSA and ISSA Hygieia Network members, currently employed in the commercial or residential cleaning industry for a minimum of 12 months. They must submit a letter of recommendation, personal statement, and online application to be considered.

There is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded if you apply. The Grant Program is subject to the availability of the grant funds, which are limited. Therefore, not all who apply and qualify will be awarded a grant under the Grant Program. 

Grants will be awarded to those who qualify on a first come, first served basis until such time as the grant funds are exhausted. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Learn more about requirements and apply for an Educational Program Grant here